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Business on the internet or ‘Virtual Business’ is same as the business run in the physical markets, bazaars etc. People meet there to exchange the goods or services against money or other objects they value. There are many parties such as sellers, marketers, brokers, buyers are involved in such dealings and help one another to conclude the deal whereby all parties get their desired value. Similarly, these all happen in the world of Internet-Business as well.

With regard to Website-Selling, we have the options of virtual platforms/places similar to physical markets or shops where we can display our offerings and find the buyer to reach the deal. Before moving towards what those platforms are, here is the need, firstly, to consider what are the factors determining the selling price of a website; what are the different ways to sell website through; and who are the potential buyers who will buy the website.

Reasons to sell a website

There is a need to answer this question. Many of the buyers may doubt the profitability of the website: they may think the website has turned to be a white elephant for the owner and thus they will resist to buy it. I need to address/rectify this misconception of many buyers that the reason of owner to sell a website is not always the website’s lazy or no earnings but there may be a number of other reasons.

  • There are many professional bloggers who set up websites for the purpose of selling them in future once they start generating profits. They do so because it is their kind of business.
  • There are owners who run a number of websites simultaneously. Managing many websites at a time is time-requiring and may consume the time needed to done many other jobs. This could be one of the reasons for selling of a website.
  • The industry one is running a website in may offer very high selling-amounts for the website at a particular time which can also prompt one to sell their website.
  • Perhaps, apart of a website’s good performance, one is intending to exit the website business due to any personal reason.
  • One of the reasons of selling website must be the poor number of visits, low profitability, and very high expenses. But it is not only the sole reason.

Regardless of the reasons why one is selling their website, there are many factors buyer must consider when making a buy.

Guides for the website buyers

  • What does the website stand in terms of its sales? Sales can be divided on the weekly, monthly and yearly basis (scale can be other than these). These all depend upon the frequency of visits and the quality of content.
  • Further buyer needs to consider the growing trend of the business (in this case the website).
  • How is a website getting customers?
  • The position of the website in the market.
  • How much time the website will require to be
  • The potential growth of the website in the future.
  • Past track record of the business profits.
  • The legal of history of the website.
  • The positioning of the brand (website) in the market.

Ways to sell the Website

There are several ways an owner can sell their website through but again choosing among the ways largely depends on the worth and profitability of the website. However, the ways are following:

  • Bidding

There are places on the internet where the seller can auction their website for sale. Through biding potential buyers take to acquire the website. This way of selling is usually appropriate for the small and immature websites worth 20,000USD (US dollars).

  • Market-Selling

Using this way owner can list the ad to offer the sale of their website in the virtual market. Potential buyers read through the ads and their decision based on the merits of the business. Marketplace selling is best for the website worth of 100000USD.

  • Brokers

Like in the real life instances brokers in the market, on the internet or virtual market as well there exist brokers. They with their experience of dealing can find you a very reasonable buyer of your website at the cost of a certain amount of commission.

Amount of commission varies depending on the expertise of the broker but generally, it is affordable. Frankly, my personal choice among these options would be a broker. The reason is that at the cost of the small amount I would be saving my time in dealing. I would be contented the broker has chosen me the best buyer on the basis of his/her expertise in the field.

Nevertheless, one has to be careful in choosing a broker. What is the difference between high-quality and the low-quality brokers is another topic needs to be discussed in details? I would write on that topic some other occasion in another article.

  • Banks

Banks buy the websites worth above 20 million USD. Banks help to bring a buyer for very large commercial websites.

Potential buyers of the Website

  • Person novice in the area of blogging can apply to buy your website. They want to make an entry in the area and engage in earning on the internet. Such buyers can be high-paid ones.
  • The buyer can be the one who often invests in the virtual property. Such person is expert in the area of investment. If the seller of the website is not very experienced, they may need to take care in making deals. Dealing with such an experienced figure must be left on by hiring the broker. The broker has got the experience of dealing investors. Anyhow, such experienced investors are named internet-entrepreneurs.
  • On the internet, host of companies frequently buy websites from sellers. They continue growing their business and manage these websites under one parent firm. Such organizations are called virtual equity companies.

Coming back to the main topic of this article that is the best platforms or places where to place the offering to sell. Below given ranking of all the website-selling places are not on basis of the performance but it is just on the basis of the random order.

In fact, on the internet provided ranking is based on subjective opinions, there is no official ranking of these forums by any recognized agency. The same thing applies here. But the one website-placing forum is commonly and unanimously on the top through all the search pages, that is Flippa.

Therefore, it places on the top on here as well.  Considering all the above-mentioned instructions one has got a number of places options to sell a website at



Flippa Searching the top places for selling websites on Google will come up with the fact through every listed page that Flippa is the most frequented page for selling and buying websites.

Due to the fact that most of the website buyers are registered here. Their number nearly reach to Eight hundred thousand. Transactions worth more than 1.6 million USD has occurred at Flippa.

Features belonging to the website are customer-friendly and easy to execute. Flippa charge some 7 to 21 USD, which is highly affordable, to place the website for sale. The most important thing that places Flippa on top of the like is the quality buyers visiting the marketplace.


internet company for sale

internet company for Sale It is the platform that provides one-time and permanent listing facility with charges depending on the type of the website. For permanent placement, both new and the experienced bloggers have to pay the equal amount.

The good thing at this site is that it charges no commission despite of the fact that it is comparatively more expensive than Flippa. Flippa charges commission other than listing fee whenever the website is sold.


we sell your siteWesellyoursite As it is obvious by its name that it is more suitable for the buyers of the website than sellers. Despite of the fact, it’s user-friendly for the buyers.Searching/browsing on the on the page does not require a lot of keys strikes.

Just submit your site and provide theme essential detail of your site you will be getting a free valuation. Once you have done submitting site After that they only will confirm site traffic and financial. Once reviewing done you will be getting their valuation

Buysellwebsitebuy sell website



Buysellwebsite This site stands well in search optimization following Flippa due to the fact that its name is very easy and makes up the easily searched keywords.

Any layman set to search the website either to buy or sell a website, in either case, they will type sell website or buy a website which pops up Buysellwebsite on the top.

The reason for such an explanation was to state that due to its easy name it is on the top of the search optimization list, not because it provides any good feature. It is a very expensive shop, not that comparatively better in service.


forum ditital points

formumsFigitalpoint It is the market where placing website for sale requires being a member for exactly 14 days. It doesn’t contain any distinct feature need me to explain. Its performance is comparatively very ordinary.


name pros

NamePros This website is basically dedicated to setting up domains names. It also provides an extra feature of selling your website on. This extra feature makes space for this website to place here. 

They do let you join them for free but for members they allow some extra befits

 Website broker

website broker

Website Broker To listing one’s ad on this site will cost ranges from 9 to 30USD (900 to 3000Rs). Here on this place, the owner can sell either websites and domain or both



Geekvillageforums It provides medium-range services in terms of efficiency and cost. It is not very costly not very cheap to display your ad. It demands 9dollars to display one topic. Further being a member on the forum is the requirement.

They were the ten top of the forums to trade the websites, but apart of them, there are other numbers of forums where one can sell and buy the websites on.

Here is the list following:

  1. Sedo
  2. Flipping Enterprises
  3. Warriorforum
  4. Ducksell
  5. Bizbuysell

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