Best Online Tools To Monitor WordPress Website Uptime

Being an owner of the website you must know the best website monitoring tools for WordPress website uptime. Let’s imagine that you have made your first WordPress website and designed everything. You have installed the theme and all plugins that are needed for any blogger. Let suppose you have published some of the contents on your website.

But how will you make sure that your contents are reaching to your visitors and your visitors are safely visiting your website? Do you really believe on your hosting provider that they won’t face the problem and their server won’t down due to any reason and your website never goes down?

Because I have seen many people using different hosting providers they always share that my website is down. No company fully guarantee you to keep alive your website %100 Up. Because anything anytime could happen to you their servers and your website could go down.

A lot of hosting company promise that they will keep your website up %99.99. This may be true may work fine at the start but what if you start consuming more bandwidth and other resources more than before your website used to do? There you may face the problem seeing your website down most of the time.

You can not believe in your hosting company blindly that your website won’t goes down. Everyone website goes down but for short time. Because they use the kind of tools to monitor their website and find the solution to their problem as quick as possible.

Why is monitoring website uptime Important?

All Right! If you still don’t know why is monitoring website uptime is important. So let me tell you something. As above, I said how much do you trust your hosting company? I myself do not trust my Hosting providers neither I blame theme.

Because anything could happen to severs and the website goes down. while fixing that issue on servers my website will remain down. In the beginning, this may won’t Affect your website. But after some time when your visitors daily visit your website there, you gonna face problem.

How your visitors will reach to your website while they are not gonna see your website alive? So here we gonna need monitoring tools to monitors our website whenever the site goes down this monitoring tools gonna knock at the door to let us know that website is down.

How Will These website monitoring Tools Monitor my website?

Very simple, Because you are not going to hire some to keep eyes on your website or on these tools. These tools gonna monitor your website so simply. It depends on your which tool you gonna use to monitor your website uptime.

They all work fine and do a better job. Once you have added your website using any of these tools then sit back and just keep waiting for your website downtime. Because these tools gonna send you an email or maybe SMS on your cell phone when the website is not normal.

They will be sending you an email to your email address once the website is down there you need to be so quick to knock the hosting provider and tell them that website is down.

I have already have posted an article about Plugins that monitors your website but here I will be only talking about best online tools to use and monitor the website. So let jump in and find one of best online tool To monitor WordPress Website.

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is one of best Free Online Uptime monitoring Tool that we can easily use to Monitor our WordPress website. Uptime Robot checks website status in every 5 which is so good. It will alert you whenever your website goes down due for any reason and will also send you an email when the website is back online.

Once you have started monitoring your website with uptime robot you will be getting An email if your site is down. If you want to get alerts by Uptime Robot with the other service of uptime Robot Such as SMS on a cell phone, push, Slack, HipChat, twitter for that you need to go with Uptime Robot Pro version.

If you are new to uptime Robot and want to use uptime Robot to monitors your website uptime. So go read our How To Configure Uptime Robot To Monitor Website Uptime and start monitoring your website uptime right away.

SmartMonitor Pro

Smart monitor pro

Smartmonitor Pro is another online website uptime monitoring tool to use monitor WordPress website. But it is not free like Uptime Robot to monitor the website. If you really interested in using SmartMonitor Pro then you need to Get their subscription which is not so expensive.

They will only charge you $4.89 for a month for your website monitoring if you are having one website. Or you got more than one website then they are going to charge you more.  You will get a notification or maybe SMS whenever Smartmonitor Pro sees that website is down.

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Smartmonitor Pro always keep eyes on WHOIS Records and NS records. SmartMonitr Pro will check all of your WordPress website Core files which will keep safe your site from hackers. There are other a lot of things that Smartmonitor Does for use.


pingdom tool Uptime Monitoring

Pingdom is also well known online Monitoring Tool for Monitors WordPress website Uptime. The price of Pingdom tool to monitor website is $14/95 a month with 14- free trial.

It will check your website uptime in every minute from a different part of the world to make sure your website runs fine. If they find anything terrible with your website you will be alerted immediately. You will be also alerted to content changes, HTTP status or any error messages

Service uptime


Service Uptime is online Tool that could be used for Monitors WordPress website. This tool will also keep eyes on your website to monitor it and if in case your website goes down it will immediately send you an email or SMS to let you know that website is down.

You can set frequency yourself to choose that how often service Uptime should check your website status. You can easily set that frequency. Service Uptime will check many services/ ports on your website such as Download servers, DNS servers, DNS lookup, MySQL servers Ping, link check and much more.

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Service Uptime Will monitor your website from a different part of the world. The price of server uptime starts from $4.95 and goes till $52.95. if you choose $4.95 then services will be limited.


All-in-One Monitoring Solution

we can use site24x7 tool to monitor our WordPress website Uptime. This tool monitors website ports and services such as HTTP, DNS Server, Ftp server, SSL, pop server and the list goes on. Site24x7 monitors website from the 90+ location from a different part of the world.

This tool is not free at all but they do let you 30 days free trial to check their performance if you like their performance then you better subscribe to them.

 The pricing list starts from $9/month to $449. They send an alert on your phone as they detected the problem.


monitis webiste monitoring

Monitis is another online tool, that can be used to monitor WordPress website uptime. They will also monitsor your website from more than 30 location. You can use monitis 15 days free trial to check their performance. You can upgrade if you liked the performance.

They will monitor your website uptime and will also monitor your web page load time. The good thing about monitis is that you can customize your own monitoring plan. You can easily choose what you need and pay them for the services that you need not for extra services. Which mean no extra services no extra money.

These are the monitoring tools which you can easily use to make sure your website availability on the internet. Using uptime monitoring Tools mean more availability of your website on internet more website availability on the internet means more traffic.

If you still got any problem using any of these tools you can easily reach me using contact us page. You can also follow me on facebook, twitter or on Google Plus to stay updated.

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