What is Facebook Marketing? Tips To Run A Successful Marketing Campaign Through Facebook

Products are designed and developed to sell in the markets. Solutions for different problems that people face are actually disguised with a physical and non-physical form by marketers, which is called a product or service. These products are offered in the markets via different channels to try to persuade the customers to buy them by showing the benefits products will provide. If such offering is made via Facebook, it is called Facebook Marketing.

When there is less competition in the market, it is very easy for a marketer to have the product sold out. But whenever there are many sellers, marketers need to make the concrete and holistic Marketing Strategy for the product.

As far as the core purpose of this article. it will discuss easy-explained and applicable tips to design and implement a successful Marketing Campaign for your product but first I feel a need for you to consider some important things which will not let your strategy go unsuccessful.

In order to run a successful Marketing Campaign, the basic information is necessary to know, such as full understanding of product; full understanding of customer’s needs; to know who your target market is; and much more like this. In addition to this marketer must be well-aware to the psychology of target market so that they could find ways to persuade them.

SMART Marketing Strategy:

In today’s fierce competition in the markets. The only way to prevail in the market is being smart. You have to be very accurate in every understanding of yours regarding your product, audience and the market you will sell your product.

As soon as you make mistake anywhere, you’re gone. For a successful marketing strategy, I illustrate here S.M.A.R.T Formula which stands for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-related.


You need to be specific about your every component of the marketing campaign. Any kind of vagueness will lead to a complete failure.

You must have specific information about your product so that you could convey customers the functions it is going to provide. Secondly, you must be specific about who is your customer; about their age; location and exact needs.


You need to be accurate in your estimation of the number of customers who will buy your product; potential profit, and the amount of time campaign will take to attract customers. Measurability means when you predict you can sell about 20,000 items, and the campaign will take about 1 year to bring laurels.

If you are vague about these and if you face hard time anywhere to estimate these aspects, and unable to predict the future of this project, SMART formula suggests you to stay out of this. It is an uncalculated-risk and chances are more it will fail.


It means your project must be reality-based. You must be sure that the product or service you are marketing has got potential to attract customers. Does It really hold the qualities which you think it has? Your product should not fanciful or imaginary and people must have a need for it.

 Let’s assume your mom makes/sews sweaters at home and you market it with $20 per sweater price tag, but actually it is equal or least in quality than the other available sweaters in the market which cost not more than $13.

Here do you think people are going to buy sweater?? Yeah, right, they will not buy. So the Marketing campaign will fail because it is not actionable (reality-based).


facebook spotify

 It holds the product must pertain to the known needs of customers. Understood? Not. Okay, no matter, I give you an example. Assume that you make mobile phones and your target market is students.

The research you conduct before launching a product reveals that students want mobiles with high processors because they need to carry out multiple tasks with it simultaneously without having phone engaging.

 As per this need you design phones but in a marketing campaign, you don’t zoom out this feature, it will said to be irrelevant marketing. You need to position the product by the feature your product possesses.


The marketer needs to calculate the time campaign will take to serve its purpose. For example, Mobile marketing team knows how many days, weeks, months their marketing campaign will take to spread awareness for the new version of its Any series.

You need to specify the time you will run your campaign incase campaign is at cost. The cost-free campaign is an exceptional case, you may run that for an unknown period.

Apart from this formula, there are other factors which make up Demographics need to be considered while making a concrete and calculated marketing strategy.

If these factors are neglected, it is confirmed the marketing campaign is going to fail at all. The factors are discussed as follows:

Target market:

Facebook Ad campaign

 You are required to know the people you are offering your product to. There are numerous people (customers) in any market, perhaps above millions; all of whom you cannot reach, so you need to select target market from them. The target market can be selected on the basis of following features.


Who is going to be benefitted by your product? Male or Female? Or both? This question is answered here.

Age group:

 Which age group does your target market belong to? Are they children? Are they teenagers or they are young etc….


 Which region they belong to is the question which is answered here. This region classification can be made on the basis of continents, states, countries, provinces, cities, districts etc. and so on.


 The marketer must know the income of their target market. It is one of the essential factors because that determines their ability of spending.

Social class:

 You can also classify your target market on the basis of whether they are poor, rich, middle class or lower class.

Other companies:

It is possible that other companies are your target market. Perhaps, you deal in business to business trade. You have to select industry and a company from there.

These were only a few features or factors on the basis of which you can select your target market. But there are a large number of other features as well such as cast, party and participants and so on.

 You need to be equipped with the information about your target market; you cannot sell in market blindly without knowing buyers.


While selecting target market a marketer can use single, multiple or all of the above-discussed factors at a time pertaining to their need.


Above mentioned strategies can be employed both in General Marketing and Facebook Marketing.

Channels for Marketing Campaign

Marketing took birth the day buying and selling emerged. The forms of marketing have been evolving with the time. Marketing can be carried out through banners, placards, radio, TV and text messages.

A few decades ago, when virtual markets took birth. The world was introduced with a new channel of marketing. Internet Marketing.

This type of marketing is carried out on websites due to the fact that today very large number of people use the internet in their daily lives.

According to some studies, (Wikipedia) approximately above 3.2 billion people in the world have access to the internet. There are social media platforms on the internet where people related to all age groups spend their time and engage in chatting and sharing information.

People now give the least time to watching TV and listening to radios, even 60% use the internet and social sites while watching TV. Most of the internet users spend their larger amount of time using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

 Studies reveal that Facebook has the most number of the users which is more than 3 billion and Twitter’s users are some 2.5 billion. And average person spends some 7 hours daily using them.

Believe it? You have to. Considering these statistics now marketer has to employ Facebook and other social sites for their marketing campaign. Whosoever doesn’t employ will lose the race.

Benefits of the Facebook ad campaign:

As we discussed earlier that very large number of people are engaged using social sites. Facebook has the larger number of users from more than 170 countries and users range from the head of the states, ministers, politicians, actors, students, parents, young people, old people and so on.

This provides marketers with myriads of opportunities to select their target market from. As discussed above that according to some Re-searches now 60% to 70 % watchers use Facebook, Twitter while watching TV and even in working at the office, while exercising at the gym, studying in class and driving the car people use Facebook, Twitter etc.

 The fact that billions of people spending a considerable amount of time using Facebook presents some considerable number of opportunities to marketers to earn for themselves profits if they run campaign skillfully.

As there are other sites as well, but we will have a discussion here only about Facebook considering it’s being most popular and having the largest number of users. The benefits are concisely presented in bullets:

  • Facebook is the cheapest and comparatively effective channel for an ad.
  • FaceBook can make a product or cause popular in shortest time, even in hours.
  • It Could earn millions of reviews in shortest time.
  • Facebook can guarantee the credibility of a product through likes.
  • Through Facebook marketer can reach the farthest target market with the cheapest cost, which is not possible by other channels.
  • Facebook holds positive chat for your product.
  • You can run a campaign for long time with least cost.

Demerits of Facebook Marketing:

  • Competitors can easily disseminate false information about your product through paid comments below your ad.
  • A number of false campaigns or a campaign can run using your product name and falsify your credibility.
  • Even the original likes can be taken as paid ones.

Giving some basic information about what is marketing; how to make a successful marketing strategy; why should Facebook be selected as ad campaign medium, we proceed to our core topic:

Tips to run a successful Marketing campaign Through Facebook

facebook marketing strategy

Set a purpose:

You should be clear in your mind of campaign purpose. Purposes can be several like selling your product, seeking followers, spreading information or popularizing some cause or entity.

Purpose can be anything; maybe you are seeking to promote software or else, but remember that Facebook is there to help you make successful your campaign. Setting up Facebook ads at start-up comes up with options like awareness, consideration, and conversion.

 Each main heading listing sub-headings. If your purpose is to earn clicks, then click on the traffic option below consideration heading and so on.

Select your target market:

There are billions of users on Facebook, wherefrom you have to select an audience segment you are going to target with your Facebook ads. But how? Don’t worry, Facebook provides you with this facility to choose your target market.

Click on the ‘choose an audience to start’ option and three sub-options will pop up: Everyone on Facebook; People connected to your page and Customer audience.

 Now based on your purpose, choose from the given options. Then further sub-options are popped up under each sub-option, like, to select the region, age group, education level.

Catchy images:

Use very catchy images to appeal customers. You should know Facebook is the place where people take fun and entertaining, so the image must be funny (not offensive), entertaining and appealing.

If one is scrolling fast through the page and not interested in seeing ads, thereby a catchy image can take their attention.

Use Rhetoric:

Similar to the image, your words must be catchy as well. People will come to your ad provided you use rhetoric. Rhetoric doesn’t mean you use false and unrealistic claims that clearly seem an attempt of deception,

but use courtesy which shows you up professional, like, instead of saying ‘we have brought here for you a very good offer’, just say: ‘We are here to serve with a product that adds value to your life.’ See the difference between both sentences! Former seems pretty cheeky and non-serious.

To be relevant:

The images and words in your ad must be pertaining to your purpose. The image should be relevant to your product and service and words must be conveying the information about your product.

If you are offering a sale, your words must be telling the percent of the sale you are giving.

Use conversion pixels:

Facebook allows you to use this grand feature to collect information on your customers. As discussed several times earlier that for a successful marketing campaign information about your audience is a core help.

This conversion pixel serves the same purpose. You have to install this and then you are allowed to track all the visits made to your page. This allows you to know visitors’ demographics, the device they entered from and the time they visited.

This all information helps you to make a marketing strategy for future. Even it helps in identifying your mistakes.

Optimize your product:

Don’t try to directly persuade the audience to buy your products, instead, show them the benefits product will offer to them. Try to match the product to their personal needs which are called optimization.

 Behave like you are trying to own their problems and your product is out there to solve those problems. This attitude will lead them to own your product.

Don’t be highly professional

As it was said earlier that users log into Facebook for fun and relaxation. Be careful of this point:

You had better market your products using funny, entertaining ways. Don’t behave like a hard businessman; behave like you are the part of their group.

Learn from your mistakes

Facebook allows its users to close and hide the ads shown to them. It does not end here and the user is asked to give the reason why they are closing ad and what is the part of the content they didn’t like.

 This is the feedback provides an opportunity to the marketer to learn from the mistake. Review the reason and rectify it.

Ask Questions

This tip is for marketers who have received responses and have a sort of established customers. This tip will improve your relationship with customers.

 Ask them which thing they liked most; what they expect; what the deficiencies are (if any) and ask for their suggestions. This way improvement can be attained and the customer feels like at home and will become loyal to the product.


Many marketers/companies get the paid likes for their products via hiring Facebook users. Yeah, it’s beneficial, but in short-run and you must remember if you are seeking to build long-run relation with your customers then you have to avoid this misleading practice.

 It harms your credibility and do remember that it is only gaining likes not sales. If your purpose is liked then it may be okay. but if you intend to creep up your sales then you are not fair to yourself. Whom you pay for likes actually don’t like your product but doing so just for money.

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