How To Set Up a Contact Us Form In WordPress

So do you really want to add a contact us form on your WordPress website? You must do that from the first day of your website. Because every website that exists on the internet got a contact form.

All of your visitors will be able to easily contact you. Because everyone will be able to ask solution to their problem about your product and services.

If you are here and looking for how to add a contact us form in WordPress website then you are at right place.Because today here in this article I am going to show you how to add a contact us form on your WordPress website without any coding.

Why do I Need Contact us form page?

If you are wondering why do I need a contact us form page or you may be thinking isn’t that enough to just add my personal email address on my website.

So people will be contacting me? if you are thinking the same then let me tell you why do you need to contact us page on your website.

Getting Rid of Spam

we often get an email from unknown people. But have you ever noticed that why you are getting these email? These are all kind of spam.

whenever you leave your email address on the website.You start getting all these kind of email. But when you set up a contact us form on your website you almost get rid of spam email.


whenever we receive an email from someone we do not get all information from them. Neither they send. When we use the contact form on our website.

 We ask our visitors to give some information before they send us a message. for example (first name, last name, email etc).

WordPress Firewall & Security Plugins for Your Website

we have many plugins to add contact us page on our WordPress website. But today we are going to use one best plugin called contact form 7.

I personally using contact form 7 on contact form 7 is working fine and I have not seen any kind of problem using this plugin.

Follow these Easy Steps And Add a Contact Us form to your WordPress website

To add a Contact us form in WordPress website Login to your WordPress dashboard. And click on the plugin and then add new.

You can add a contact form 7 plugins to your WordPress website two ways. Simply search for contact form 7 or You can also upload plugin from The PC that you have downloaded before.

install contact form 7

As you can I simply search for Contact form 7. Now simply Install contact form7 and activate it.

Once you have activated the contact form 7 click on the contact under comments.

click on contact form 7

Go ahead and click on contact forms. There you will be seeing default contact form. Contact form 7 comes with a build contact form 1 as you can see below in Screenshot.

default contact us

To edit the default contact form 1 And make some changes just go ahead and click on Edit.

contact us form

This is what you will get when you click on Edit. I really recommend you do not change any of setting of this coding. If you really insist then go ahead and change it as your preference. But you should be really careful to not make anything worse.

9 Essential Things to Do After Installing WordPress

we need to change some settings on Mail tab. Click on mail tab to make some changes.

contact us

This is what you are going to find by clicking on mail tab. A few things you need to make sure after clicking on mail tab.

  1. Write your email On the To box on which you want to receive messages from your visitors. Whenever your visitors use your website contact form. You will be receiving messages at the same email address from your visitors.
  2.  Make sure On the second line from is same written as mine. [email protected] Try to not play with this.
  3.  And third down below HTTP:// Make sure your website name is written.

contact us form

Next tab is about messages. Here you will find a variety of message. These all message will be used when someone tries to fill up the form either message sends correctly or not. If you would like to customize these all message you can edit them. Now just click on save.

copy contact us code

Once you have clicked on save simply copy the highlighted link. Now let’s move and make a page for Contact us form.

To make a page for contact us. Click on the page and the Add new.

wordpress page

After clicking on the Add New make a page with the name you like. Try to use the name that people easily understand. For example(Contact us/ contact me).

I will go with contact Us and I will paste the code that I have copied from contact form 7 settings. Now publish the page.

wordpress menu

After publishing the page simply click on Appearance and then Menus.  

Wordpress contact form

As you can see Contact Us page after publishing. Checkmark the Contact us and click on Add to Menu and the save. You will be able to find your Contact Us page on your WordPress website home page.

wordpress homepage

You can see I have a successfully added contact us page to my website. This is the Onlineliken Contact us page. Now let’s have a  try even its working fine or not?

contact us

You can I successfully sent a message to Onlineliken. Now let me check my mailbox what I got and from whom I got the message.

onlineliken gmail

Great! everything is working fine. As you can see I got mail from Onlineliken. I used the name as onlineliken and subject Test and message simply hello! just a test.

This is how you can add a contact us form to your WordPress website. If you still have a problem with contact form 7 please ahead and comment below. OR You can also use contact us page.

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