Best Tips to Reduce Website Page Load Time Guide & Tips

We all know page loading is ranking factor. None of us like slow loading website. A website with a Slow Page load time is going to impact your Seo. More than 40% visitor leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

More than 69% of visitors do not return to the site which takes more than 3 seconds. We all love fast loading website I myself abandon site which takes more than 3 seconds to load and try to find the solution of my problem somewhere else.

This matter creates more problem for the site especially for e-commerce site because a visitor can easily find the same product somewhere else which you have on your site. The Internet is growing too fast we can easily find same article or product on every second website. No one will wait for our website that loads slow.

So here in this post, I will be showing you great tips and guidelines that can you utilize to get rid of your website slow load time. 

Ways to Reduce page load time

1. Web Hosting

We all start from choosing one of best web hosting or domain name to start our own website. Web hosting is one of a most important factor to go with. All new blogger start with a shared hosting which is a good idea.

There are many web hosting who offers a reliable service but finding the right one is bit tough. Slow servers also cause website load time on your site. If your website is slow you may check your web hosting. your web hosting maybe not that much good as you expect.

If you are thinking about long-term you should go with nice reliable hosting. maybe with VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Using dedicate hosting you gonna have sole access to your web servers. This is not like a shared hosting.

Web hosting does Affect on your website page load time so you need to find one of the best web hosting for yourself.

2. Optimize Images

There are many ways that you can use to optimize all images for your website. Using many images in your every post is good this also gonna help your website to rank. But what if you do not optimize your website images properly? If you are using images in your every post then you need to optimize your every single image that exists on your website.

Images are also one of the most bandwidth consumers on the website. You can optimize images many ways. you can scale All your images before uploading them to your website. Or if you have already uploaded images on your website so there are many plugins which you can use to optimize your all images with one click.

A few best plugin that you can use to optimize your images such as tinyPNG, Wp smush and Ewww image optimizer and the list goes on.

3. Enable browser cache

Enabling browser cache is really going to improve your website speed. Browser cache gives a good user experience to your visitors. Cache is a mechanism for small storage of the web pages which decrease bandwidth and to improve performance.

Whenever a visitors arrive at your website a static cached file will be served to your visitors and the same file will be served to thousand visitors unless has changed. All these cached files contain HTML documents, media files. CSS. Javascript and images.

If you are using WordPress CMS then you can easily enable browser caching using any of best WordPress caching plugin. The most popular WordPress caching plugins are wp  Rocker, WP3 Total cache, and wp super cache.

4. Use a CDN

when we use CDN your static content cached and stores in multiple locations around the world. static content includes images, CSS files. javascript. whenever a visitor visit to your site CDN redirects them to the closest CDN server near there location.

Since the delay duration impacts the mostly by the physical distance between the user and the web hosting servers. CDN helps us to reduce the distance by redirecting them to the closest CDN server.

A modern CDN will take care of many things such as

  • Page load speed
  • Handle sudden high traffic
  • Block spammer and bad bots
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption
  • Protect from DDOs attacks

Using CDN going to be so expensive. but for sure they will give you many benefits to your website. There are many premium CDN services that you can implement on your website. such as MAX CDN, KEYCDN, Google CDN, Amazon AWS and Rackspace.

There are Free CDN available with limited features but they also work fine for small blogs, A Cloudflare is one of best free CDN that you can use free for your website.

5. Get Rid Of Unwanted Plugins

Using WordPress CMS one the best advantages is that. we can use many plugins that we want, but we cannot use either too many plugins on our site. Because using many unwanted plugins could easily slow down our website. Always try to use one plugin that has got the feature of many other plugins.

For Example, SEO Yoast Plugin has now got many other features such as XML sitemap and other features so you do not need to install another plugin for that features.

6. Enable Gzip Compression

Nowadays most of the web hosting support Gzip compression. Gzip compression work as same as we use a zip file in our computer to compress the size of the file. Gzip work the same.

Whenever the user makes a request on a browser Gzip compress all files before sending to the browser. This process significantly reduces the latency and time lag on your website. By enabling the Gzip your website files will be automatically compressed in zip files, this will boost your website speed.

You can enable Gzip compression on your website using one of best plugin or if you are using Wp Rocket caching plugin then no need to install another plugin because WP rocket support that features.

NOTE: Before you enable Gzip you must ask your hosting provider whether they support Gzip or not.

There are few more tips that you can use to boost up your website speed which are.

  1. Reduce Server Response

It’s mean your web server is slow. Whenever you get this It’s mean your web server takes more time to reply. If your web server is slow we will suggest you try to use speed booster pack this plugin really help you to get rid of Reduce server Response.

  1. Optimize HTML, CSS, JS

To optimize all HTML, CSS and js here also we recommended you a plugin called Autoptimize which really help you to optimize your CSS HTML and js. A few options need to be checked such as (optimize HTML code, javascript option, and CSS options). This process will help you to optimize all your HTML, CSS and JS.

  1. Eliminate render-blocking CSS and JS

This problem may also cause your page speed. To get rid of this mess you can use a plugin called Wp rocket. If you are facing the problem of eliminating render blocking CSS and JS check this out. We already posted an Article how to get rid of this problem.

NOTE: Normally when we test our website page speed using Google page insight or any other tool. This may load your website admin bar too while you are logged in.

which we believe may add some extra CSS and java files. we prefer you whenever you want to test your website load time always do that process in NEW incognito Window.

So which factor do you think slow down website page speed most? 

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