5 Best Plugins to Monitor WordPress Uptime (Compared)

How much are you sure about your website Uptime? Who will send a notification when your website goes down due to any reason? Your website hosting? If you think they will inform you after your website is down then you are wrong. Because they will never notify you if your website is down.

You must be thinking if they do not let me know if the site is down. Who else can notify me if my site down? No one can keep eyes on the website every time to Monitor WordPress website Uptime. we cannot visit our website 24 hours to check is it alive or not. But if we cannot so how we will keep eyes on our website?

Let me tell one thing there is a lot of online tool and WordPress Uptime plugins that we can use to monitor our website uptime. Which will monitor your website 24/7? If your website goes down due to some reason. They will send you an email to tell you that your website is not doing well.

If you do not know enough about monitor plugins and looking for one of best plugin to monitor your website. So don’t worry because, in this article, I will be showing you My best 5 Monitor plugins to use and monitor your WordPress website uptime.

How will these plugins monitor my website?

If you are wondering how these plugins will monitor your website Uptime. So let me tell you. These plugins will continuously ping your website URL Between frequently time that you set. and load it. If your website loads fine then they are good to go.

But what if they load your website it does not load fine then it is worrying about them. Here they will send you an email notification to let you know your website is down.

Can I use more than one monitoring plugins on a website?

You can but you should not do that at all. One plugin is enough to monitor your website Uptime. But if you use two plugins together it may cause to load on your website. Because some of them are too heavy plugins to use. Or some of them are not capable to use together.

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Now let’s get in and check our out 5 Monitoring plugins for WordPress website Uptime.

 Jetpack by WordPress.com


Jetpack is one of the best free plugin available on the internet to use for several purposes for your WordPress website. Jetpack does a better job and does a lot than your expectation.

It not only keep eyes on our website Uptime but also protect our website form Brute force attack and spam filtering Malware scanning, code scanning. If you want to secure WordPress login page then jetpack also get this done for you. Because it comes with optional two-factor authentication.

But we are here to discuss WordPress Uptime. If you go with jetpack then this is a great plugin. It will ensure that your website is alive. For example, if something happens to the website and goes down then they will let you know that your website is down.

Their servers monitor your website in every five minutes from a different part of the world. If jetpack finds that website is down then they will send notification via email or may be on your cell phone to let you know that site is down. and also you will get notification When the site is back online.

Jetpack is a free plugin to use but if you want to use all of the features that come with it. I personally recommend you to go with paid one. Because you must not want to miss any of feature from jetpack.

WUM Website Uptime Monitor


WUM is another free WordPress plugin. This plugin may not be as popular jetpack but it works same as the other monitoring plugins. You can monitor your WordPress uptime with WUM too. This plugin allows you to monitor the website.

It will notify you whenever your website goes down and also will send a notification when the website is up and running fine. Once you have added your website to WUM for monitoring. They will ping your website in every 5 minutes to check everything is fine.

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If they find your website is down then they will send an email notification on your email address and to let you know that website is not alive and also send you an email to your email address once your website is back and working fine.

tagBeep uptime monitor

This plugin will also send you an email notification whenever your website goes down due to any reason. What I see about this plugin has not been updated for a long time.

TagBeep uptime monitor is a free plugin to download. It is so simple to use. It will register your website with TagBeep. Once you have registered your site to TagBeep then It will check your website in every 5 minutes.

WordPress Monitoring Plugin by Sitestillup

Sitestillup will send you an email if your website goes offline. But if you want to Get notified by SMS then you need to Purchase Sitestillup.

This plugin will continuously check your website downtime in every 60 minutes which is big time if you are using the free plugin. This interval can be increased if you upgrade the Sitetillup.

Not only monitoring your website uptime this plugin does more than that. Such as scanning daily virus and site warranty which may come with the upgrade version.


SensorPress is free WordPress uptime monitoring plugin. which can be used to monitor WordPress uptime. It has not been updated for a long time but It will work fine to monitor WordPress website uptime.

This plugin will check your website uptime in every 15 minutes which is big time. Other plugins that we saw above they check our website in every 5 minutes which is so good than 15 minutes.

Similarly to other plugins, SensorPress will also send you an email notification whenever your website goes offline. Its simple plugin to use you can easily manage from WordPress dashboard no any other account required.

How to choose best Uptime monitoring Plugin?

I have shown you multiple plugins to keep eyes on your website uptime. But when it comes to choosing one them for your website where you may get confused. A few things you need to take care of before you choose any of them for your website.

Last update

We see WordPress is updating every time. They release a new version of WordPress but we need plugins that also updates continuously.

who knows If plugins do not update they may not work with WordPress latest version? So you must check if the plugin is updating or not.

Active installation

Everybody wants good things not a bad. If I see the plugin is good then I download it otherwise I don’t. This is the case with everyone. You must look at the active installation. if it has got high active installation then you are good to go with it because people loving it that way they have downloaded it.


If the plugin is good in rating It means it’s doing what for it made. If the plugin is not getting any good ratting so it means it is not doing good. We rate plugin when we get satisfied if we do not get satisfied we leave it.

These are 5 WordPress plugins which can be used to monitor website uptime. If you did not read my previous article where I showed you How To Configure Uptime Robot To Monitor Website Uptime

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